Please Provide An Experiment To Determine The Center Of Gravity Of Plane With An Irregular Shape Or Non Uniform Thickness Or Density?


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Well this is a pretty simple experiment. Here I will give a brief description of the materials required to conduct this experiment, the general procedure to be followed and the various precautions that are necessary.

First the apparatus
A retort stand, plumb line cork and a pin

Now the procedure
First make three small holes near the edge of the lamina. The holes should be far apart from each other.
Then suspend the lamina from any one of these holes with the help of a pin.
After this hang a plumb line from the pin in front of the lamina. When the plumb line comes to rest and is no longer swinging, draw a line on the lamina over the plumb line.
This procedure is then repeated for the remaining three holes as well. More than three holes can also be used to get a good average of your result.
The point of intersection of the three lines in this case determines the centre of gravity/ centre of mass of the lamina.

Now coming to the precautions; Special care should be taken while making the holes in the lamina. They should be small so that not too much of the lamina is removed. Secondly the lamina when suspend at a given point should be able to swing freely at that given point.
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Ok yea i did an experiment exactly like this and a question was asked "how did the weight act compared to where the plumb line fell?" but i could not answer it.
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