What Is Solder Made From?


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Solder is used predominantly in electronics and plumbing to join metallic surfaces.

It is a metal alloy that is fusible. It has a melting point of 450C.

Solder for electronics is a mixture of tin and lead with more of the former. In plumbing, it used to be the same materials but with a higher proportion of lead. However, it has been found that even a small amount of lead can be detrimental to health so now copper is used with a higher proportion of tin.

There are other types of solders, like for example, hard solder, which is generally a copper and zinc or copper and silver alloy.

Flux solder contains flux to help remove impurities to improve the connection.

EU rules now say that lead should not be used in solder, so nowadays, tin, copper and silver amongst others are used instead.
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Wow i had to do some homework for this and i thought it would be boring but i have actually learned something in less than 5 minutes.
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The old type tin and lead ( don't eat it )
The new type tin and silver copper (safe to eat but I would not recommend)
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Commercially available electronics solder is made from a mix of lead and tin.
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Tin and Silver copper.

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