What Is Urea Made From?


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Urea is made from excess amino acids from protein synthesis. It is extracted from the blood in the kidney and excreted in the urine.
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Urea is also known as carbamide. It is actually a water-soluble organic compound
of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and hydrogen (chemical formula (NH2)2CO or CON2H4)
Urea is the main nitrogenous end-product of protein synthesis in mammals and some fish. Urea though mainly formed in urine, is also found in bile, milk, sweat and blood. Thanks to its high nitrogen content and cheap availability, it is used widely a fertilizer for agriculture and also animal-feed. Urea is also in a variety of fields which include synthesizing barbiturates, as a stabilizer in adhesives and explosives, in the manufacture of foamed plastics, and also in hydrocarbon processing.
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Urea is made from a mixture of water-soluble materials including carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and hydrogen.
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Urea is made from your pancreas

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