What Are The Advantages Of Globalization In The Philippines?


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There are many advantages of globalization in the Philippines - a few of these are: A wider market for Filipino products; wider acknowledgment and understanding of the Philippines and its culture; more becoming available in the Philippines.

  • Benefit one - a wider market for Filipino products

Globalization has meant that products such as food grown or produced in the Philippines have been introduced to a wider market. This means that Filipino products are available to buy to people across the world, rather than in the Philippines alone. As a result, more products can be sold, and more profit can be made. In addition, the Filipino-produced goods can be used to fill a niche in the market, where other products were unsuccessful.

For example, foods grown in, and produced by the Filipino people include over 20 varieties of rice, shellfish and other seafood, and many different types of vegetables. These foods can be packaged and transported across the world to foreign markets, boosting the amount of profit made by the Philippines.

  • Benefit two - wider acknowledgment and understanding of the Philippines and its culture

With globalization comes the rise of previously unknown or little-known states and countries. The Philippines is one such country that has benefitted in this way from globalization. Because the Philippines is now recognized the world over for its beautiful coastlines, clear blue seas and hospitable people, it is one of the major tourist destinations of the 21st century. Not only does this create business and profit opportunities in the Philippines, but it also encourages others to learn more about the Philippines and the culture and traditions there.

  • Benefit three - more becoming available in the Philippines

Just as globalization means that Filipino products have a wider market, so can the Philippines become a market for new, foreign goods. This means that the Filipino people have access to a higher quantity of more modern, more advanced gadgets than ever before.

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