What Are The Types Of Weather In The Philippines?


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Sunny day
cloudy day
rainy day
stormy day
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There are four types of weather  1.) fine weather-means that there are few clouds and no rain   2.)fair weather   3.)rainy weather   4.) stormy weather
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Philippines have two distinct seasons, wet and dry and there are no temperature extremes in winter and summers although it may get very humid in the rainy season. Within these two seasons, there may be four variations:
·   The first most common type of season is a mix of a dry and rainy season during which there is a mix of weather and there are rainy days and days when it is sunny
·   Then there is another season where it rains all the time and there are no clear sunny days.
·   There are no extremes and the temperature and weather remain normal with no unpredictable and sudden changes
·   Then there are years when rainfall occurs equally throughout the year.

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