Which Was Invented First - The Telephone Or The Radio?


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The telephone was invented in 1876, by Alexader.G Bell.
The radio was invented in 1895, by Jadish.C Bose.But it had lots of developments afterwards.
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The teleohone was invented in the 1870's by Graham Bell and the radio was invented in 1880's by various scientists.
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The people who helped invent the radio was James Clerk Maxwell ( 1860 Scotish), Hein rich Rudolph Hertz (1886 German), Mahlon Loomis (1886 American), Guglielmo Marconi ( 1895 Italian), Nikola Tesla, and Nathan Stufflefield (1943)
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Alexander Graham Bell & Elisha Gray both filed for the telephone patent in 1876, on the same day. Bells application got there first, by only a few hours. The electromagnetic properties that make radio possible where discovered by scientist like Heinrich Hertz(c1888), and James Maxwell (c1884). But the actual use, therefore invention and technology, is primarily attributed to Guglielmo Marconi (1890s). Patent disputes occurred because radio technology was also made by Oliver Lodge and Nikola Tesla around the same time. The Tesla Coil is in fact a damped wave radio transmitter. Radio predates vacuum tubes, hence it predates electronics, by a decade. The concept of the FAX machine, however, predates both radio and telephone, and was a variation of the automatic telegraph repeater.
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