What Does Quantitative Observation Mean In Science Vocabulary?


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Quantitative observation refers to anything that can be measured.

Working out something's height, length, temperature or weight are all examples of quantitative observations.

The meaning of quantitative observation
The word 'quantitative' should give it away - it's very closely related to the more familiar word 'quantity'.

In science, anything that can be talked about in terms of quantity can be subject to quantitative observation.

A more scientific definition for this type of investigation would be: A system that takes into account statistical and mathematical techniques to develop hypotheses and theories (yawn).

The term quantitative research is also frequently used in the terminology of social studies, and means pretty much the same thing.

Quantitative observations can be employed in various fields of scientific study, and are considered to be the exact opposite of 'qualitative observations'.

In terms of scientific study, a qualitative observation is best described as an analysis of something's attributes in terms of human senses (how something smells, feels, sounds, tastes).
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Observation is the use of the senses- such as vision or hearing- to gather and record information about structures or processes.

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