What Is Your Butt Muscle Called?


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Butt muscles are called gluteal m. (also glutei, glutæi). There are three pairs of these muscles: Minimus, medius, and maximus, but the term "butt muscle” normally refers to gluteus maximus: The closest to the skin, the largest, and thus the most noticeable of the three glutes.

The name comes from the Greek word "gloutos” meaning rump or buttock, and entered English via Latin (glūteus). This is not the only pretentious English word that refers to the rear end. For example, another English word of Greek descent is callipygian (from kallipygos) than designates a person with a beautiful backside, while steatopygous is a person with an excessively fat bun. The Greek word pygia (buttocks) is also at the origin of the word pygidium, that doesn’t even refer to us, but to insects; it means caudal segment or whatever these creatures have for a bottom. Apparently there is quite a collection of bizarre English words referring to the glutes that are of Greek origin.

Now, going back to gluteus maximus, one has to admit that the name clearly and kindly acknowledges the utmost importance of it. You don’t just sit on it (and too much sitting isn’t even good for you): Without gluteus maximus we would have never become bipeds. Seriously, we are able to stand and maintain our erect position because of our butt muscles. This also makes humans be the primates with the largest buttocks on Earth, apparently because mankind knows the best and most advanced exercises for working the gluteal muscles: We do lunges, step ups, biking, running, and kickboxing.

Too much sitting at the computer is known to cause butt muscle atrophy, when the subjects tend to return to a previous state of evolution and discuss tuning the gluteus maximus on the internet. However, this is really not something we can escape from. In the end, it all depends on the number of new social media websites we want to connect to.
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Gluteus Maximus

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