What Are Some Common Uses For Sulfur?


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Here's something I found about the uses of sulfur. You can find more info here...
It says: "Sulfur is a component of black gunpowder, and is used in the vulcanization of natural rubber and a fungicide. It is also used extensively in making phosphatic fertilizers. A tremendous tonnage is used to produce sulfuric acid, the most important manufactured chemical.It is used to make sulfite paper and other papers, to fumigate fumigant, and to bleach dried fruits. The element is a good insulator.Sulfur is essential to life. It is a minor constituent of fats, body fluids, and skeletal minerals."

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Sulfur, or brimstone, as it's commonly known, has a wide range of uses: Fertilizers, gunpowder, matches, insecticides, fungicides, medicine, detergents, vulcanization of rubber, plastic (cellophane and rayon), sulfuric acid (battery acid, oil refinery) etc.

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