What Are The Laboratory Apparatus Used In Chemistry?


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Laboratory Equipments are tools and equipments used by students and scientists in their laboratory work. These equipments are commonly used to carry out an experiment, collecting data and taking measurement among others. More advanced laboratory equipments are often referred to as a scientific instrument. Additionally, laboratory equipments include safety tools like eye wash and safety shower which can be used to safely complete the experiments.

Below is a list of the most common laboratory equipments and their uses:

• Balance- it is used to measure the mass of a material
• Barrette- it measures the volume of the solution
• Beaker- it is a container used to measure liquid
• Bunsen burner- it churns out single open gas flame which is commonly used for heating, combustion and heating.
• Centrifuge- it is used to separate materials of uneven density
• Clay Triangle- it is made of wire frame with porcelain which supports a crucible.
• Condenser- It is used for distillation
• Crucible- it is used to heat a minute amount of solid substance at a very high temperature
• Dropper- it is used for adding solution or liquid drop by drop
• Erlenmeyer flask- it is also known as a conical flask and is used for mixing contents. It can also be used for heating liquid and the preparation of various microbial cultures.
• Filter paper- it is commonly used to separate liquid and the precipitate
• Forceps- it is used to hold and pick small objects
• Graduated cylinder- it is used to measure the volume of liquids
• Graduated Pipette- it is uses to measure the volume of solutions
• Magnifying glass- it is used to magnify small objects
•  Microscope- it is used to view minuscule objects which are so small to the naked eye
• Multimeter- is used to measure voltage, current and resistance.
• PH Scale- it measures the acidity or basicity of a solution
• Pipette- it is used to transfer one substance to another container
• Stirring rod- it is used to mix liquids and solution by stirring.
• Test tube brush- it cleans the test tube
• Test tube holders- it holds the test tubes in place
• Test tubes- it is used for storing small amount of liquids and samples, and for small scale reaction experiments
• Thermometer- it measures the temperature
• Tongs- it is similar to forceps, but it holds a larger object
• Tripod- it is used to support the wire gauze during the heating process
• Volumetric flasks- it measures the volume of liquid and make accurate dilutions
• Wash bottles- it dispenses small amount of distilled water
• Watch glasses- it holds small samples and it is also used to cover beaker and evaporating dishes.
•  Wire gauze- it is used to spread the heat of the burner

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