What Is The Impact Of Science On Modern Life?


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The effect of science and technology on our modern life
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Well you probably need this for an essay....
Ok then lets see here three ways ok
1. We r science/with out it we wouldnt exist
2. Everything is science
3. And finally global warming is happening and we can stop it
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Helps you...
Take care of your body
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1. Life is a journey from birth to death, where each and every moment gives us valuable and unforgettable experiences.
2. Life is a key to open the lock and find whom we are and what our capabilities are?
3. Above all Life is once if we live correctly and our life being a lesson to others in a good perspective once is enough.
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I don't have three reasons. If there hasn't been a cure to malaria what would have happened now? Scientists have discovered a cure . So we can know its importance

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