How Does Science And Technology Affect Your Life?


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A question that might be better to ask is how doesn't science and technology affect your life? Science and technology is an essential part of everyday life in the modern world.

Everything from the computer you are typing on to the medicine you take for a headache is derived from the research into science and technology. While both science and technology can affect lives for better and for worse, without them there would be little of the modern inventions that we consider normal and daily products and services.

  • Science
Science covers the study of everything from medicine to the human thought processes to the make up of the Earth. The most general definition describes science as the enterprise that organizes and builds knowledge that gives explanations and predictions about the world. Science affects daily life from first thing in the morning, pasteurized milk on cereal, until last thing at night, the toothpaste used to clean teeth.

The biggest effect that science has on human life is in the form of medicine. The development of medicine has enabled human life to be sustained for longer and for pandemics and diseases to be controlled or killed off completely. The constant developments made by scientists are giving humans healthier lives and a better chance of survival.

  • Technology
As a general term, technology is the making, knowledge and usage of tools, crafts, techniques and systems in order to serve a purpose or solve a problem. The development of technology has allowed people to drive cars, communicate instantly across the globe and even reach out into space. Even the discovery of fire was a technological landmark and without it life would be unrecognizable.

Science and technology affects modern life in nearly every aspect. While some developments are seen as far more positive than others, each has their own impact on the Earth.

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