How Is A Carnivore Adapted For Its Lifestyle?


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Carnivores are predators. They hunt and eat other
animals to survive. Mammals that are carnivores have sharp teeth adapted
for ripping meat from a carcass. Carnivores like the wolf have large,
powerful jaws that help bring down large animals like deer. The bobcat and cougar have powerful paws with sharp claws that help them catch prey.
Herbivores have teeth adapted to chewing plants. Their big molars are designed to help them grind up leaves, seeds and twigs. Feel free to surf custom essay writing service -Education contain different task like essay, assignment, research paper writing and many of the students cannot complete their task successfully within the time.

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Carnivores are animals that can only eat meat. Their digestive systems have evolved the structure and enzymes to digest fresh meat and they are unable to gain nourishment from plants. Carnivores survive by killing other animals and they have adapted to this role by becoming killing machines.

As a predator, any carnivore has to move very freely and very fast to catch its victim. Carnivores like cheetahs have evolved to be the fastest mammals on Earth. To be able to run at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, the cheetah's skeleton has nothing to impede or restrict its movement.

The muscles of speedy carnivores do not tire easily and can cope with the massive bursts of speed required for chasing a prey. Once the prey is down, big cats like the cheetah kill the animal quickly and then feast and eat as much as they can. Digestion then involves sleeping and lazing around, sometimes for days, before the next chase and kill.

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