Why Are Electrons So Important?


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Electrons are important, without it, atoms(which is the fundamental part of a particle) will not be formed. Since electrons balances the charge or protons.
Electrons are also responsible to the flow of electricity. Electricity is just the flow of electrons.
Electron beam also can be seen in a cathode ray tube in a Television, which forms the picture and color of the screen. ^^
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Electrons are an important and fundamental part of the atoms. They are important because they have negative electric charge and they assist in chemical bonding because of their interaction with adjacent nuclei. Thus without electrons there would not be any chemical compounds.
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Electrons have a negative charge in an atom, and they are in orbit around the nucleus. The number of valence electrons (the number of electrons in the outer orbital) lets the atom combine with other elements that want more valence electrons. I also believe that the number of valence electrons of an element determine what group on the periodic table of elements it is in.

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