What Is The Difference Between Inertia Of Motion And Inertia Of Rest?


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if any body is in motion it tends to be in motion unless an exterior force is applied to stop it.
a ball is in motion for few min and then stops.it is because of the opposing force by air and friction.
if any body is in rest it tends to be in rest unless it an exterior force is applied to move it.
think that a piece of paper is kept in the open table.at that time a strong wind blows then when we notice the paper starts moving this is because of the external force applied by the wind which compelled it to move
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Inertia is the difficulty with which the object at rest is able to be moved easily or the object in motion is made to  stop at ease.Velocity is determining all the facts in which one is at zero velocity or non zero velocity.example:a truck would take a long breaking distance for it to stop.a 1000 tone block of iron cannot be moved easily
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The difference is the initial velocity. Inertia is the tendency of an object to keep doing what it is already doing, the resistance to change. Whether the change occurs at zero velocity or at some non-zero velocity makes no difference.

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