How To Make A Mechanical Chalk Dust Dispenser?


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To create a mechanical chalk dust dispenser, get some raw chalk and a grinder, and reduce the chalk to a fine powder that is easy to dispense. Then, consider what sort of container could be used to store the ground-up chalk - this container will need to be modified to turn it into a simple machine.

  • The process

Once you have a container, buy a one-sided (not rectangular) cheese grater or other filter that will allow chalk to sift down through the holes - fit this filter over the top of the container; then, seal any empty spaces on the sides of the filter with heavy plastic and superglue or other adhesive. When you're done this step, cover the filter with a piece of plastic that will slide onto the container and slide off when chalk is needed. The piece of plastic should have a handle that can be grasped easily. Hang the container on the wall with a wall mount (this is available at most hardware stores). You'll use the force of gravity to draw ground chalk down through the holes of your grater device.

  • How to dispense

When you need ground chalk, pull on the handle and shake the container gently to release; then, slide the handle back over when you're done. If you need to, cut a hole on top and put a long spoon or stirring implement inside of the container, to stir up the chalk if it gets too tightly packed to move through the small holes in the grater. This simple process will ensure that you can get as much ground chalk as you need, whenever you need it.

Of course, when you want chalk, you'll need another container to catch it in as it falls down (out of the new and simple ground chalk machine).

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