I Have Heard Not To Cut, Prune, Burn, Oleander. How Poisonous Is It?


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Oleanders have been used in landscaping for many many years without problems. The problems occur when horses, cows, other animals chew on the leaves and bark which are poisonous. Children have become sick from using the branches to cook hot dogs on, all this must be considered when planting.

You can certainly prune oleander - just don't put the cuttings in the burn pile as the poisons become airborne.

Oleanders require pruning for the best flowering. Remove suckers or water sprouts which develop along the main stem or from the roots. These inhibit flowering. Remove old flower clusters to increase blooms. Prune after the bush flowers.
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I think Faydra's reply is great! I PRUNE, rather than hedge mine. Basically I cut a whole branch with a hand pruner and drop it into the trash can intact, rather than hedge it with hedge clippers and end up with thousands of small clippings that I need to rake and gather up. I find it easier and less chance of getting poisoned from the shrubs.
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Can Oleanders be composted safely?
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It is one of the most poisonous there is but it's still a beautiful plant, I would suggest you put it in your garbage to be picked up and disposed of or contact your local Agricultural agent and ask.

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