Which Planet Is Known As 'The Evening Star'?


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Venus is known as the Evening Star, and it also gets called the Morning Star!

Why Is Venus Sometimes Called 'The Evening Star'?
After the Earth's moon, Venus appears as the brightest object in the night sky - when viewed from Earth, at least.

The planet is often referred to as the Morning Star, or Evening Star, because it reaches its maximum brightness shortly before sunrise and shortly after sunset.

Venus is bright enough to be seen even in the middle of the day, and is particularly easy to spot when the Sun is low on the horizon.

Earth's Sister Planet
Venus is also known as Earth's sister planet, as both of them are similar in size and composition. It is a terrestrial (Earth-like) planet because of its silicate rock composition. However, Venus's surface is far too hot to sustain life!

Atmosphere On Venus
Of all the terrestrial planets, Venus has the densest atmosphere, consisting mostly of carbon dioxide clouds. The atmospheric pressure of Venus's surface is 90 times that of the Earth. These factors create a strong green-house effect on its atmosphere, making it the hottest planet in the solar system.
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It should be Venus.
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Venus is the Evening Star, and is also known as the Morning Star because of its intense brightness at these times. Venus is so bright that even in the middle of the day you can see it.

Venus and Earth are sometimes called the Twin Planets because they're similar in size.

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