Which Is The Coldest Planet?


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Pluto has always had the 'honour' of being the coldest planet with an average temperature between -360 to -400 degrees Fahrenheit. This is because it is so far away from the sun: it is over 40 times further from the sun than planet Earth.
Pluto also has no internal heat source and it even orbits in a ring of ice debris.
However, since September 2006, Pluto has been downgraded. It is no longer a 'proper' planet ie there used to be 9 planets in the solar system, of which Pluto was one. Now there are only eight planets and Pluto has been re-classified as a dwarf planet.
Its nearest neighbour, Neptune is also a considerable distance from the sun about 1.5 billion kms. But Neptune has an internal heat source which means that it has a temperature similar to Uranus, even though it is further away from the sun.
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The coldest planet is neptune and uranus
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Since pluto is not considered as a planet, we consider Neptune as the coldest planet with a temperature of about 55 kelvin
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If Pluto was still qualified as a planet it would be Pluto, but know it is Neptune. It is cold because it is the farthest planet from the sun, and the sun is what keeps are planet warm enough for life.
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Jupiter is the coldest planet, also is is not about how close to the sun it is because venus is hotter than mars. (It has the greenhouse effect working on it.)

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