What Are Some Similarities Between The Atom And The Cell?


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Following are some of the similarities between an atom and a cell.

- An atom is the fundamental building block of matter. Similarly a cell is the building block of a human body.
-Every object is composed of atom and similarly every single being whether plant or animal is composed of a cell.
- The center of the structure of atom is called nucleus and similarly the centre of a cell is also called a nucleus.
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I went too far with my answer:
Quite a bit different, but then similar.
An atom is the smallest part of an element such as (H) hydrogen which is the lightest (in atomic weight) element on a periodic table, or in our universe. A cell is similar in terms that a cell is a unit of a larger element. An atom is elemental itself. Wait this is going on and on forever. Let's simply say cell is very small and can be seen under a microscope. An atom is so small, you can't see it with or without a ...
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They are both really small

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Both the atom and cells can't be further subdivided

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