What Is The Difference Between Carbon Dioxide And Carbon Monoxide?


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Carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide are both compounds that contain carbon and oxygen. The difference between them is that carbon dioxide contains one molecule of carbon and two molecules of oxygen whereas carbon monoxide contains only one atom of oxygen to each atom of carbon.

This may see like a small difference, but it does affect the chemical properties of the two compounds making them different.

In some ways, they are similar in that they are both colourless gases that have no smell. However, the important difference lies in the toxicity of the two gases. Carbon dioxide is a natural waste product of the process of respiration in living cells and so it tolerated to some extent in the body. It is a waste product and it is excreted when we breathe out. In contrast, carbon monoxide is a poison that forms a stable compound with haemoglobin in the blood and prevents oxygen getting to the body. It kills within minutes in high concentrations.
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Carbon dioxide is a molecule containing one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms.  Carbon monoxide contains one carbon atom and only one oxygen atom.
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Carbon Dioxide is CO2 and Carbon Monoxide CO. CO is harmful, as CO2 is not.

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