What Is The Definition Of Lenovo?


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'Lenovo' means something similar to legend and creativity. 'Le' is thought to have originated from 'Legend' and 'novo' is Latin for 'new'. When translated into Chinese, the name means 'association', 'creativity' or 'connected thinking'.
'Lenovo' is the name of a Chinese computer technology company. They were originally called 'Legend' but this conflicted with other Westernized trademarks so the name 'Lenovo' was adopted which seems more that suitable as it has connections with new forms of creativity and design.
Lenovo recently gained ownership of the computer division of IBM are perhaps most famous for the ThinkPad. The ThinkPad range includes netbooks, which are smaller more compact laptops, and the line was thought to be worth $1.75 billion in 2005. ThinkPads are extremely popular and well known for their boxy design which was originally based on the design of a Japanese Lunchbox. The ThinkPads are known to be reliable and of a high quality which is what has led to their popularity in both the work place, schools and as personal home computers. The ThinkPad has also be used in The International Space Station, an excellent form of promotion to prove how reliable the computers are.
Lenovo are currently the world's fourth largest seller of PCs and in 2010 their market share rose by 2% to 10.4% of the entire PC market. They are the best seller in China and have 28.6% of the PC market. The annual sales for the year ending 2009 were $14.9 billion.
In 2009, Lenovo Group bought Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology which is China's third best selling mobile handset company. IN 2011, Lenovo formed a joint venture with NEC, a Japanese PC manufacturer and they will be establishing a new company in the near future to be named Lenovo NEC. NEC will be receiving $175 million so that Lenovo will own a 51% share of the venture.
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It is Asia's largest PC manufacturer,
founded in China in 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi from the Chinese Academy of
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Lenovo is a russian word means " New beginning"
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A french word ' le nouveau' means 'the new',, and the pronunciation  goes ,: Le no vo ,,,
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There is no word Lenovo in English Dictionary. It is a Russian world and to see its definition, visit the link below. Also Lenovo is a good manufacturer of computers.

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