From A Sociological Perspective How Does Racism Impact On Health Access?


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That has to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard. What are all these silly nincompoops talking about? There is no such thing as racism, only goofy neanderthals that insist this is the 18th century not the 21st. I suggest people put their old foolish games behind them and grow up. Actually I don't even understand what the fuss is all about, seems to me the heath care in this country is just fine. The only 'problem' I have is the FDA. It shouldn't be legal to have medical companies competing for people's money. Take those hideous commercials off the air, treat people like responsible adults and let the product ads return. When was the last time anyone saw Tony the Tiger, Trix the rabbit or Sugar Bear? The real problem we have in this country is lack of pride in who we are, what we make and how we live. I for one am tired of all this forced equality. Everyone should, and will be treated the same as long as we embrace the things that make us different and celebrate them rather than condemn. President Obama has no idea what he's doing. If I were him I'd just have a cigarette, eat a heavily decorated sandwich with mayo and enjoy a basketball game. He's supposed to be the most important person in the entire world and yet he must abide by some absurd rules of conduct no real adult would heed. Race? What is that? The only race of people to exist is the human one.

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