I Need To Ask About Spiral Cell Carsinoma?


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I remember when my father was sick with cancer, they referred to a spiral cell form of cancer. He started with a rather large lump on the side of his forehead; it spread to his other organs rather quickly. Do you have any info on that type of cancer?
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My sister has been diagnosed with a Spiral Cell Neoplasm   of the lung but they are not quite sure what kind., but they are sure it is cancerous.   Her biopsies   were sent to Sloan Kettering and they did this diagnoses.   Having severe emphysema, she could not have surgery.   She weights only 103 pounds and is 5 foot 6, so elected to not have chemo.   How can they be so sure it is cancerous, if they cannot specifically diagnose it?
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Carcinoma is any cancer that arises from epithelial cells. It is by definition malignant. I am not sure there cells called spiral cells, so I am not sure there is a "spiral cell carcinoma"

A Spiral CT scan is often utilized in diagnosing cellular carcinoma.
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There is a spiral cell sarcoma. My nephew was just diagnosed with that type.
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You probably can get the information from a oncologist office. If they don't have any ,contact the cancer association. You can get that information from the health department.

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