What's The Latest Information Technology Which Is Being Used In The Business World Now Days?


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Ofcourse, Internet and cell phones are the fastest technology which is being used in the business world nowadays.
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The latest information technology is the use of computers at its best with all the multimedia capabilities in it. Today's computer is fast and efficient than ever before. Good application softwares engulfed all the businesses. People now prefer custom built softwares and also take advantage of common application softwares for their business.

Internet has changed the way of thinking. There are online businesses now for people. They are now connected to all the world from one PC. One can search any topic by name and use it for their good purpose. So I can say that Internet is the latest technology being used in Business and evolving rapidly.
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I agree with the internet,..
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With streaming news wires, ability to buy/sell stocks, watch live sports, concerts and television on cell phones, the technology associated with this is growing exponentially each month. Even Google announced they're going to expand into the mobile cell phone area (called Unity) and have begun to accept bids for 30 partners in this expansion (like Microsoft, Sprint, Verizon, etc.) for software, hardware as well as to lay oceanic (underwater) fiber optic lines from the U.S. To Asia. There is a HUGE expanding market in Europe and Asia. Eventually I can see where TVs in households will be obsolete and everything will be done on computer and cell phones.

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