What Is 5 Elements Of Computing Process]?


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The five elements are generally regarded to be:
  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Data
  • People
  • Procedures
The computer itself is made up of different electronic components, or hardware. These include:
  • disk drivers
  • the power supply unit
  • the processor(s)
  • the motherboard
  • RAM
  • the graphics card and often much more.
The motherboard then runs the software. The most important piece of software is the operating system. Without that the computer internals are just an empty room. Once you have operating software then you can use other tools such as instant messaging, email, word processing, internet browsers and media. The media forms are the data involved, and this data relies on the software to exist and the hardware to remain.

The procedures can be split into 4 segments:
  1. The ALU - Arithmetic Logic Unit.
  2. The Control Unit
  3. Memory
  4. Input/Output Devices

The ALU is a digital maths circuit which is part of the processing capacity that a computer performs. The calculations in this unit are the mathematical foundation for all computing performed.

The Control Unit is part of the CPU (Central Processing Unit). The control unit receives the orders and has to carry them out by directing the commands to the appropriate pieces of hard and software.

The memory is vital to all storage of software and data. Random Access Memory (RAM) is the operating memory. It allows the computer to handle processes. The more RAM, the easier it can handle mass commands. The processor dictates the speed of command whilst the RAM dictates the amount and size/complexity.

Input/Output devices are the last in the chain of procedure. Everything is an input/output device; processors are input, monitors are output. Keyboards are input, speakers are output.
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1. User
2. Hardware
3. Software

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