What Is The Address For Grand Canyon National Park? I'm Trying To Type It Into Mapquest.


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What is the address for the Grand Canyon?
There is no "address" for the Grand Canyon. However, you will see businesses with a Grand Canyon city address and a 86023 postal code. These businesses are generally located in Tusayan, AZ near the entrance to the South Rim. If you're using a GPS or search engine software like Google Maps or Mapquest, you may enter the following latitude and longitude coordinates to find the entrance to the South Rim of the National Park: 35.990372,-112.123353
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Grand Canyon National Park is located in Arizona and it is one of the oldest national parks of the United States. The mailing address of Grand Canyon National Park is as follows:
Grand Canyon National Park
P.O.Box # 129
Grand Canyon
AZ 86023
For more information about the park, and downloading maps etc, please visit the following link:

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