Where Is Donington Park?


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It's a motorsport circuit located near castle donington in leicestershire, england. There was held a european grand prix, formula one motor race when senna won, it was actually impressive. I believe that after this race, I started following F1, and I even managed to get one of the ayrton senna helmet designs for sale, and in general, a pretty good F1 collection.

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Donington Park is a site located near Castle Donington. It is located in the county of North West Leicestershire. It is a part of the county of Leicestershire in England. It is the venue for such major international motor racing events as the British Touring Car Championship, the British leg of the Formula Three (F3) Championships, the British Superbikes Championships and the MotoGP (or the Motorcycle Grand Prix).

The length of the Donington Park is about 2.5 miles or approximately 4.023 kilometres long. There are 12 turns on the Donington circuit. It is owned by the millionaire Tom Wheatcroft, who is extremely passionate about motoring and motor sports. It has also hosted rock concerts by such bands as Metallica, AC/DC and Iron Maiden. The lap record at Donington still stands in the name of the late Brazilian Formula One racing driver Ayrton Senna, who drove his McLaren on this circuit at a speed 185.608 kilometres per hour in a duration of one hour, 18 minutes and 29 seconds.

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