Why The Black Sea Is Called So?


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The Black Sea lies between southeastern Europe and Turkey and is an extension of the Mediterranean Sea connected by way of the Bosporus strait. There are several presumptions on the naming of the water body as the Black Sea. It is believed that the water of the sea which is darker as compared to sea water due to the presence in high concentrations of microscopic algae has given rise to the name; the Black Sea is less saline as compared to the Mediterranean Sea which facilitates the growth of the micro algae.

Another belief is that in ancient times the shores of the Black Sea were inhabited by barbaric tribes which resulted in the sea being named so. The Black Sea may be named so because it was difficult to navigate with storms being a frequent phenomenon in the past. Also in ancient times the color black was used to denote the northern direction in a compass which may have resulted in the sea being named so by people inhabiting to the south of the sea.
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I really don't know but I heard it was because dangerous thing s live in there like octopus sharks a deadly animals

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