What's The Location Of A Nucleus?


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In animal cell, its located at the centre, but in plant cell, because of the presence of vacuoles, its located at some distance from the centre.
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The nucleus is found within the structure of cells in both plants and animals. In several ways it can be classified as the cell's brain or central processing unit. It contains all the genetic material necessary for the cell to function. It forms the central part within eukaryotic cells and holds the threads of DNA. The movement, entry and exit, of molecules from and to the nucleus occur through a number of pores that it contains.

There are a number of other components within a cell including the mitochondria, Cytoplasm, Centrioles, Lysosome, Vacuole, Ribosome, Vesicle, Golgi apparatus etc.
Even though the nucleus is an important part of a cells structure it is not found in human red blood cells. This is also found to be the case for red blood cells in other mammals.

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