Where Does Mitosis Take Place In Plants?


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In plants, mitosis (a type of cell division) occurs in special cells called meristematic cells. Most plants have several different zones where you’ll find these cells – these zones are called meristems.

What Are Meristematic Cells?
Meristematic cells have the same function in plants as stem cells have in animals – they divide themselves to create new cells. Meristems are essential to the growth of the plant.

Where Are The Meristems Located?
In several different places, actually. There’s a central zone, where mitosis occurs for the plant’s stem, and then other places for roots, shoots, and buds. Mitosis occurs in all of these meristems.

What Are The Different Stages of Mitosis?
  1. Prophase
  2. Prometaphase
  3. Metaphase
  4. Anaphase
  5. Telophase
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It occurs at the Meristems which are special tissues that allows the plant to grow. Apical Meristems are located at the tip of roots and shoots. Lateral Meristems are located between the Xylem and phloem.
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Mitosis occurs exclusively in eukaryotic cells, but occurs in different ways in different species. For plants, it occurs in each individual plant cell.

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