What Is An Analogy For Chloroplast?


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Chloroplast can be described as the 'solar panel' of a plant.

A chloroplast is a layer of granules (inside and around the cell wall of the plant) which absorb sunlight. This action is very similar to the one used by a solar panel.

What's an analogy for chloroplast
Although a chloroplast absorbs energy from the sun just like a solar panel, there are several other functions that it performs.

For example, chloroplast is responsible for a plant's green color - as it's saturated with green chlorophyll pigmentation.

In this context, the chloroplast could be described as the wallpaper of a plant, giving it a distinctly recognizable color.

Chloroplast is also responsible for generating all the energy that a plant uses - turning sunlight into energy in the form of sugar.

Based on this, a good analogy for a chloroplast would be an electric generator: A device that creates power and supplies it to be used for other functions.

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Solar panels on a house or something. Takes light and converts it into usable energy
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An analogy for chloroplast is like a translator.

It takes one thing, and converts it into another, so that the cell can use it, just as a translator translates one language to another so that we can understand it.

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