What Is The Modifier Used To Indicate Partial Reduction Or Elimination Of A Pathology Procedure?


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There is no such modifier for partial reduction or elimination of pathology procedure, but if you want to learn more about the existing modifiers you can visit The medical field of pathology encompasses the study and diagnosis of disease, primarily covering its causes, mechanisms of development, cell alteration, and clinical manifestations.

• General pathology is also referred to as investigative or experimental pathology. It is a broad field of medical science that deals with understanding various mechanisms related to damaged cells and tissues. It also seeks to understand how the body responds to the injury and repairs itself. General pathology forms the foundation of pathology, and the application of the study to both animals and humans.
• Pathology can be broken down to various sub-disciplines. Anatomical pathology deals with the diagnosis of illness based on the examination of organs, tissue, and the whole body through chemical, microscopic, molecular, and gross examination. Clinical pathology deals with diagnosis through laboratory analysis of body fluid and tissue.
• Dermapathology is another sub-discipline which focuses on the skin. Hemapathology, on the other hand, is focused on the study of blood for diagnosis of disease. A specialist in hemaphatology, known as a hemapathologist, studies the tissues involved in the blood system such as the lymph nodes, tissue, and bone marrows.
• Forensic pathology is concerned with understanding the cause of death by examining a whole body or cadaver. The process is known as autopsy and is usually performed through a coroner's request to help in the investigation of criminal case.
• Veterinary pathology is performed by animal doctors who are concerned with the diagnosis of animal disease.

Pathology has many other sub-disciplines and each of them is uniquely important in the field of medicine. This field of medical science helps us to find cures to disease.

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