What Happens In Autumn?


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Autumn, or fall, is the third season of the calendar year. It’s a time of great change – everything begins to look different, the weather starts to turn, and the days start getting shorter.

What Do Animals Do In Autumn?
Autumn is usually a time of plenty  - if you take a walk through a forest, you’ll see an abundance of berries and nuts.

Animals tend to stock up on food during this time of year, because it’s much harder to find things to eat during the winter.

In autumn, squirrels will bury their nuts so they can dig them up at a later date. Some animals will hibernate instead, so they don’t have to worry about going hungry over the winter.

What Happens to the Trees in Autumn?
Well, we all know that the leaves that have been green all summer start turning orange and brown. Eventually, they’ll fall off.

During spring and summer, trees produce a substance called chlorophyll, which is what makes their leaves green. They stop making chlorophyll in autumn, and the leaves dry up, lose their green color, and eventually fall off.

Why Do The Days Get Shorter?
Autumn is the one time of year when the number of darkness hours and daylight hours are pretty much equal. This is called the autumn equinox, and is due to the way that the Earth orbits the sun.

While it’s autumn in your country, it’s summer on the other side of the world – it all depends on what part of the Earth is facing the sun, and where we are in the orbit!
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  • Days are shortened
  • Traditionally, fruit and vegetables are harvested
  • Leaves fall off of trees and turn darker colors
  • Days are shorter
  • Animals get ready for winter
  • The temperature gradually drops
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In autumn, the leaves on trees turn different colors and fall off their branches, and the temperature starts to drop little by little.
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Leaves fall.
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Everything will be brown.

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