What does it mean when somebody says they feel like a plastic bag?


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Hi Addlilynn, who knows, a big sack, they don't feel good about themselves, maybe they feel like rubbish that day... Was it a friend, what was happening to him or her.... They sound down, and need to chill out and get the imaginary plastic bag off them.... What would it take for this somebody to cheer up to do something different, do they need a makeover, to dress up, to go out ....it seems they are miserable. Hope Useful
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Hmm i dunno they seemed happy..but maybe they are hiind something? Thnx Cathy u really are helpful! (sorry can i call you tht?)
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Depends on if they are a bag full of diapers,a bag full of apples,or a bag full of trash .they feel smelly/dirty/loaded down : ),they feel rotten to the core,they feel like garbage/trashed/worn out/ready for a looooooooooooooooooooooooooooong vacation away from the world.blah blah blah means i could go on but you get the idea.
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Lol true..
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I forgot one - they are a recycled plastic bag- God had to recycle them so they could feel useful again.so this could be a great thing.
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That they feel light and airy? :P
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I have not heard that one yet. Maybe it means USED. LoL
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It means they feel like a plastic bag, floating in the wind....they feel kinda useless and don't know where they're going. But of course it depends on how you look at it.....8)
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When people say they feel like plastic bags it meant that they are not happy with their life. Like plastic bags not dissolve easily they are also living their life doing nothing. Its the not doing anything part makes them feel like plastic bags.
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When someone says they feel like a plastic bag, they mean that they feel like a barbie doll so fake.

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