What Is The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Information Communication Technology?


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If IT is bringing new wonders to our world then at the same time it does have some disadvantages. Firstly, if some people are benefited from IT then unemployment is the problem of others. It creates job redundancies, downsizing and outsourcing. It requires people who have skills to use the technology therefore, unskilled labor is kicked out. Secondly, privacy issues are also increasing because of Information technology. Email hacking, financial losses and accessing the personal data are some common cyber crimes nowadays.

Job security is also enhancing because of IT. As technology keeps on changing therefore, people who do not get trainings feel job insecurity. Moreover, it is also creating cultural issues, like some cultures are getting dominated over other cultures like western culture is expanding and impacting eastern culture. The main disadvantage of IT is the increasing pornography and easy access of young kids to such stuff. Truly speaking, IT is very important in our lives therefore, state can play a very important role in controlling issues of IT.  

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Technology can't be said good or bad. It the use of the technology which makes it good or bad. For example you have a TV. You can see a nude movie on it or you can see a religious program on it. It is up to you.

Take the example of internet. Many people use it for evil things but a few use it for study, business, research and get useful information about their work. So there is no point about advantages and disadvantages of communication technology.
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Its up to you to decide whether it is good or not///thats upon how you make use of it..its more worthwhile and advantageous if you use ICT to get useful infomation. Be wise in what you are doing...the better for you..
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I mean the meaning of  information,communication and technology

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