What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Modern Communication Technology?


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Communication technology has changed dramatically over the past couple of decades.

Most of these changes have been heralded as great innovations that have affected the world for the better.

For example, due to modern communication technology, we are now able to communicate and share information with people across the world - instantly.

Although this might sound fantastic, there are also negative aspects to modern communication that are also worth mentioning:

What's so bad about modern communication?
Technology means that we're never more than a couple of seconds away from someone else. Obviously, in certain circumstances, that's a blessing. However, it can also be pretty darn annoying at times!

These days, people expect to be able to get hold of you, instantly, and at all times - and this can be frustrating when you just want some peace and quiet.

Also, modern technology has really diminished face-to-face contact. Long gone are the days when friends arranged to meet up and talk to each other over a coffee or a meal.

Nowadays, it seems as if most communication is done through a small touchscreen or across a keyboard and monitor. As a result, human interaction has become far less personal.

What's so great about communication technology?
There are plenty of things that we should be very grateful for when it comes to the state of communication today, however.

If you think about it, not much time has passed since the days when people had to tune in to their transistor radio to find out the latest news.

These days, we carry a world of information in our pockets.

Modern communication technology enables us to stay in touch with people all over the world. For example, I keep in email contact with friends in South Korea, and am able to Skype with relatives in Italy without any cost or effort.
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Advantages are: Instant communication anywhere, anytime.

Disadvantages are: You are always accessible 24-7 (unless you turn everything off).
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I totally agree! Lately I've been spending all my free time at, I mean, I've been meeting tons of girls from all arround the world and some of them are now my friends in IG and Facebook haha, but I believe that if I keep on this path I may develop an adiction haha. All thanks to modern comunications!

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