Which Natural Processes Produce Carbon Dioxide?


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• Decay

The decay of plants and animals produces carbon dioxide which is going into our atmosphere naturally. This is something that not many people know as we usually focus on the manmade causes which are creating carbon dioxide, however, when animals and plants decay there is a certain process which means that more and more carbon dioxide is going to be going within our environment and atmosphere which we cannot help as we can't keep track of all of the different plants and animals which are going to be dying in the wild.

• Burning of natural fossil

The more you think about it, the more natural processes which are taking place which are releasing carbon dioxide into our environment. The process with the fossils are burnt is something that cannot be change and cannot be helped, therefore we are going to have to ensure that we stop ourselves from doing anything which we can prevent that may be causing carbon dioxide as opposed to finding natural processes that we can pass the blame onto.

However, it is going to be important for you to understand that plants absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis, and therefore, when they are decaying, the carbon that they have within their system is going to be released back into the atmosphere and we can't stop this from happening. There is the carbon cycle which takes place all of the time and includes all of the different natural processes that happen on a daily basis, we can do our bit by ensuring that the plants are not going to be overworked by ensuring that we cut down our own carbon dioxide emissions so there is not going to be too much in our environment that the plans and ourselves cannot deal with.

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