What Kind Of Job Will Bs Biology Students Get After Graduation Aside From Being A Medical Doctor?

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Suhail Ajmal answered
There are many jobs which you can do after Bsc Biology. Some are as follows;

-scientific company sales representative or technical service representative
-laboratory technician (medical, microbiological, biotechnological, etc.)
-food, dairy, brewery production, quality control
-animal technician (looking after animals in zoo, pet store, vivarium, veterinary hospital)
-greenhouse/garden curator(botanical technician)
-agricultural or wildlife fields
-environmental technician, consultant

Some medical fields are as follows;

Veterinary medicine
Rehabilitation medicine
Genetic counseling
Laboratory/X-ray/other technology
Biomedical engineering

It is now up to you which field you would like. If you are intelligent and hard working then you can be successful in any field.

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