Does The Medulla Oblongata Control Your Gag Reflex?


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The gag reflex is an involuntary mechanism to prevent asphyxia. During general anaesthesia this reflex is paralysed which is why it is so important to get the airway in place. And to make sure someone hasn't eaten beforehand. Without the gag reflex they could inhale vomits into the is also known as the pharyngeal reflex which has its roots in the upper connects with the glossopharyngeal nerve which is one of the 12 craniofacial nerves leading to the tongue.
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Medulla Oblongata refers to the lower portion of the brain stem. I am confused as to what you mean by the term Gag Reflex. However, The basic function of this part is control of autonomic functions such as:
Blood pressure
heart rate and
reflex arcs.
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The Hypothalamus controls heart rate & Blood pressure. I didn't realise the Medulla Oblongata does as well...

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