Do You Think There Was Electricity In The Ark?


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I don't think so...maybe candles or oil lamps...
With God anything is & was possible.....♥Nassy [ I do know that he had a 250 Evinrude outboard ]
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Since I cannot go back in time I do not know. Since we cannot find the ark to investigate it I won't know till I die and then I'll ask Noah :) With god all things are possible.
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That's a question with a fairly obvious answer:

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Static Electricity. I am sure there was plenty of that.
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Girl you are funny,hahahaha......
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If only one male and one female of each species was allowed on the Ark, how could there have been any statics? There was only love and harmony. And so it was born monogamy and the world was at peace until the Mormons started a different system.
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FLOOD LIGHTS WERE ON NOAH'S ARK!!! I know alllll about Noah...Actually, my son's name is Noah. We went to Israel in 2008 and visited a town built by Noah's son!!! Visited Baha'i Holy sites in Haifa. You can see Elijah's cave there! He probably had lights too:):)
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That's a question with a fairly obvious answer:

Yes. Yes. YES.

You should have seen the look in their eyes when the bull smiled at the cow, or the goose at the gander, or the rooster at the hen... There was electricity alright !! Sparks were flying all over the Ark, almost like firework!!

How else can you explain the tremendous number of animals on earth?!
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With the kind of rains described, I am sure there was plenty of thunder and lightning-- and probably plenty of available electrical current in the air if Noah wished to blow dry his hair in something other than the wind of the seas. :)

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