What Are The Two Highest Mountains In South America?


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The giant Aconcagua is the highest mountain in South America, standing at 6,960 meters tall (22,837 feet).

In second place is Ojos del Salado, which measures 6,893 metres (22,615 feet).

The tallest mountains in South America
The two tallest mountains in South America are both found in the same mountain range, the Andes.

  • Aconcagua is located in Argentina, and is one of the highest peaks in the world. In fact, Aconcagua is only dwarfed by the super-sized mountains of Nepal like the infamous Everest.
  • Ojos del Salado is the second-highest mountain in South America. Although it's part of the same range as Aconcagua, Ojos del Salado is within the geo-political boundaries of Chile.
Ojos del Salado is more accurately described as a stratovolcano, and therefore holds the title of 'world's highest volcano'.

Because the surrounding climate is desert-like, Ojos del Salado remains fairly dry most of the year round.

Unlike the giant mountains of Asia, the peak of Ojos del Salado only see snow during the winter months.
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The tallest mountain in South America is Aconcagua in Argentina which stands at 6,962 m, the second highest is Ojos del Salado which is 6,891 m.
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Mountain Aconcagua is the tallest.
The mountain is, at 22,834 ft (6,960 m) - not only the tallest mountain in the Western Hemisphere, but also the highest outside of Asia.

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