What Is The Highest Mountain In England?


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Scafell Pike is the highest mountain in England, and the 11th highest in the UK at a height of 978 metres (3,209 ft). It is located in the Lake District national park, Cumbria.
The mountain is one of the three peaks in Britain climbed as part of the national Three Peaks Challenge. The other two are Ben Nevis in Sotland and Snowdon in Wales.

Ben Nevis is the highest mountain in Scotland and the UK with a height of 1344 metres (4,409 ft).

England's Highest Mountains (in height order)
  1. Scafell Pike: Lake District, Cumbria - 978m (3,209 ft)
  2. Scafell: Lake District, Cumbria - 964m (3,163 ft)
  3. Helvellyn: Lake District, Cumbria - 950m (3,117 ft)
  4. Ill Crag: Lake District, Cumbria - 935m (3,068 ft)
  5. Broad Crag: Lake District, Cumbria - 934m (3,064 ft)
  6. Skiddaw: Lake District, Cumbria - 931m (3,054 ft)
  7. Lower Man: Lake District, Cumbria - 925m (3,305 ft)
  8. Great End: Lake District, Cumbria - 910m (2,986 ft)
  9. Bowfell: Lake District, Cumbria - 902m (2,959 ft)
  10. Great Gable: Lake District, Cumbria - 899m (2,949 ft)
  11. Cross Fell: North Pennines, Cumbria - 893m (2,930 ft)
  12. Pillar: Lake District, Cumbria - 892m (2,927 ft)
  13. Nethermost Pike: Lake District, Cumbria - 891m (2,923 ft)
  14. Catstye Cam: Lake District, Cumbria - 890m (2,920 ft)
  15. Esk Pike: Lake District, Cumbria - 885m (2,904 ft)
The UK's Highest Mountains (in height order)
  1. Ben Nevis: Scotland - 1,344m (4,409 ft)
  2. Carn Eige: Scotland - 1183m (3,881 ft)
  3. Snowdon: Wales - 1085m (3,560 ft)
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The highest mountain in England is the Scafell Pike. It is located in Cumbria in the Lake District National Park. The height of this mountain is 978 meters. This is the highest mountain in England.

The highest mountain in Wales is called Snowdon and it is located in Snowdonia National park. The height of the mountain is 1085 meters. Among the mountains in British Isles, this one ranks at number three.

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