Are Hawthorn Berries Poisonous?


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On the contrary. Hawthorn berries are one of natures many natural remedies which have been in use through the ages, and now is commercially marketed for its benefits to the heart, blood pressure and the cardio vascular system in general. It is found in the northern hemisphere and more commonly in the Mediterranean region.

The tree itself was regarded as sacred by Christians, as it was supposed to be these thorns whose crown Christ had worn. Earlier still Celts in England used it for inscribing runes. Medicinally it was used by the same Celts to remedy the broken heart, by western herbal lore as benefiting the cardiovascular system and by the Chinese as an aid to digestion. Its use is yet more common in Europe, where there has been clinical research on its benefits to the circulatory system. Chemicals in the berries help the heart muscles in better enzyme metabolism and oxygen utilization. Its berries are used as combinations, tinctures and in herbal teas.
Hawthorn berries are said to contain vitamins C and B complex, crataegin, carotene, flavonoids and sugars. The flowers are important for nectar eating insects and the tree is known to be recommended in areas where water conservation is being pursued.

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