Are Rowan Berries Poisonous?


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The belief that the berries of the mountains ash or Rowan are poisonous is extremely persistent. The truth is that when they are red they taste bitter and, rather like sloes (the fruit of blackthorn); cause the mucous membrane of the mouth to pucker up. In addition, no one wants to eat many of them because they are very capable of giving one a dreadful and very painful stomach ache or diarrhoea. If however, the berries are cooked, the astringent materials are destroyed, and it is possible to make as delicious jam as with more common fruits. After a frost, the Rowan berries taste sweeter.

In conclusion, the Rowan berry is not poisonous, but it is capable of making a person very sick at their stomach. If they are handled correctly and cooked properly, then they can be used to make a very tasty jam that is good on toast and crackers.

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