How Much Water Does My Calla Lily Need?


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You can be sure that your Calla Lily is going to need as much water as possible to ensure that it is going to grow to its full potential. As these plants always need a lot of water to grow, you are just going to have to check the soil to see how moist it is and if it is too dry you are going to have to water it as soon as possible. There are no two Calla Lilys which are going to grow in the same way, they are all going to be different heights and different strengths and therefore you are going to have to take control of the situation and understand how much water your Calla Lily is going to need on a daily basis.

It is well known that the plants are always going to need to have as much water as possible to grow as best as they can, but if you ensure that you water then when the soil is dry and losing it moisture you can be sure that you are not going to be overwatering too much as you are not going to be overpowering the soil with too much liquid that it cant handle it.

This doesn't mean that you have to be a professional when it comes to watering your Calla Lily, you just need to have a clear idea of when the soil is too dry or when it is to moist. This is going to enable you to water the plants at the right time and you are not going to have to worry about them not growing to their full potential. You can be sure that there are going to be future instructions on the internet if you want to know more about how to look after your Calla Lily and this information is going to be easy for you to find.
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Calla Lily Needs lots of water to grow. It usually needs to be planted in a 1-gallon pot. Water the plant to such extent which keeps the bulb moist, but don't water them heavily. Keep an eye on the bulb, and water it whenever you feel its losing the moisture.
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My calla lily is planted in the garden ...its quite big but each year we only get 4/5 flowers...
Any suggestions as we notice in the garden down the road he has continuous flowers ?
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The Calla Lily I have does not have a bulb showing, so the original answer to check bulb moisture still does not tell how much & how often to water my plant. Can you help!!

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