Is there any water on Jupiter?


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The chemical composition of Jupiter is dominated by hydrogen, which makes up almost 90% of the planet's mass, with helium making up most of the remainder.

This exists as a gas in the atmosphere, and it's compressed down into a liquid by the force of gravity and atmospheric pressure, as you get closer to the core.

Have We Found Water on Jupiter Yet?
Whenever you look at a picture of Jupiter, you are only seeing the thick atmosphere. Even space probes sent out to analyse the planet have so far failed to peer through the outer gaseous layer. Scientists believe that there are layers of cloud within the atmosphere, which might contain ice and water.

However, scientists also once believed the planet would contain a lot of oxygen, and theorised that as a result of it mixing with hydrogen, it would have a lot of water too. Currently, though, it's suspected that the planet might only contain about 0.0004% water.
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Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun. It is also the largest planet in our solar system. It is a gas giant.

This planet is composed of hydrogen along with small quantities of Helium. It does not have any water on its surface. However, a small number of water vapor was found in the atmosphere of Jupiter.
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Yes, there is a small amount of water, but it is not "on" Jupiter. It is in the form of water vapor in the cloud tops.

Scientists were surprised to find only trace amounts of water on Jupiter. After all, they had reasoned that Jupiter should have more oxygen than the Sun. The oxygen would have combined with the more than abundant hydrogen in the Jovian atmosphere, thus making water a significant component.

The trouble is that the Galileo space craft found that Jupiter's atmosphere contains less oxygen than the Sun; therefore, water is a minor trace element in the atmosphere.

That does not mean that there is not significant amounts of water elsewhere in the Jovian system. A few of Jupiter's moons have been found to have water or water ice in their atmosphere or on their surface.

Europa is the most important source of water in the system
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If there is any water on Jupiter, it would be found in its atmosphere, since the planet is made of gas.

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