Was Ice Cream Invented With The Advent Of The Freezer?


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Ice cream has actually been around for some considerable time. It is thought that the Chinese first discovered how to conserve ice for use during the summer as early as the 8th Century BC and ice cream followed on soon after.

Early ice creams were made using naturally occurring snow and ice, with fruit juice added, so they were probably much less sweet than the ice cream we eat today.

It is however, widely believed that the recipe for basic ice cream was brought to Italy from China by the Italian explorer Marco Polo in the 13th Century.

Marco Polo
It is not, however, recorded as being eaten in Britain until 1671 when records show that King Charles ll ate ice cream at a meal held for the Order of the Garter, liked it and it's popularity grew at court as a result. It was however, very much the exclusive rights of the court and aristocracy at this particular point and really only became popular with the masses throughout the 19th and 20th Centuries.
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It is being said that icecream being invented by china once a person I forgot the name forgot to take the bucket of milk inside his room and it remain outside for the entire night and the next morning the man saw it was frozen and this is the history of ice cream.
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there! This does seem pretty obvious! I believe that the concept of ice cream
came up when people started to notice that it was really nice to eat frozen
food. During winter in some countries, it will get very cold and stored liquids
would eventually turn into ice. Things definitely developed from there!

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Ice cream might have been invented in the start of time I would say around 300B.C so it might have been made ofsnow and mashed fruit added and been eaten by the leader of the time period 300B.C

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