Did You Know The Global Warming Science Has Taken A Big Step Backwards/information Has Been Found To Be Falsified Or Manipulated To Help Prove Their Theory Of Global Warming?


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Like most of what you read in the newspapers or watch on TV, the stories around the UEA email thefts are highly speculative and pretty much rubbish.  The climate change-denier lobby is sufficiently deluded to encourage criminal acts in attempts to reveal some kind of cover-up.

All that has been revealed is that 'raw data' has been lost (which must be frustrating) and that academic terminology is easy to misinterpret.

Of course, the upshot is that the wasters of the planet have caused a lot of damage, maybe irreparable damage.  Hopefully the Copenhagen summit will run its proper course and set realistic and binding limits on an international scale.  At least then everybody will have to achieve a sensible lower-energy way of life, not just those who care.
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I did not watch the news or read the newspaper i have been listening to top scientists that are envolved in the global warming discussions that knows from being on the inside that they have had faulty programming/missing collected data which in turn displaces information making their study faulty. In other words their data is corrupt. And the e-mails were deleted so doing what they thought would stop others from finding out. Now they have to go back and start over to prove otherwise
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Quite the opposite it will drive fuel/power costs through the roof because the companies will just pass the cost of making their plants green.no pun intended..onto their customers i think the the show i was listening to was the matt freidamen show on A.F.R. : ). And the scientist that gave the information will be at the summit in sweden so it is not rubbish.http://www.onenewsnow.com/
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I don't know of a cause yet that hasn't glorified information to gain ground for their purposes. Sounds typical really. Sure is a stupid thing to be doing too!!
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I've read the guide book from cover to cover and I've seen nothing in it about global warming and since it's not in the book, I don't believe it.  
    However, Revelations chapter 16 speaks concerning the 4th vial being poured out over the sun by an angel and power given to him to scorch with great heat, those who cursed the name of God and did not repent.
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This is playing out very much like the left behind series. Gore is manipulating information wioth his buds while raking in the gold.but you can't take it with you.if you have watched the left behind series you will see a very close resemblance to gore relating to the heads of the world banking organization. It's funny how these people don't see what they are doing to the world while they are in it.reminds me of a boss i had you could see the evil in his eyes. Cont-
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And guess what ,he ran the company into the ground in less than 2 years and still received a bonus and his full pay after he was fired.because his contract was written up in such a way that he was not held accountable.by evil eyes i mean they were like looking into a dead mans eyes.nothing behind them.oops did i say that i better quit before i really go off. : )
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We just need to stop and think instead of taking "there" word for what is going on with the earth. Think about it. What does that spaceship and all those satellites NASA burns through the ozone do when it leaves and enters the earth's atmosphere. I suppose they'd say that doesn't do any damage though.
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Global warming is real and John is highly deluded.

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