What Are Some Examples Of Elements That Can Be Found Around The House?


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Most people would be surprised to know just how many elements exist in their own homes! Here is a list of a couple of these elements you might find.

  • Lithium

Often found in rechargeable batteries, lightweight and compact.

  • Boron

This is found commonly in laundry detergent. It is apt for getting things as white as can be, due to their superior bleaching capabilities.

  • Argon

This is often used as a preservative in most of our shelved goods. This includes soda, potato chip bags and such. It's component is generally common in the atmosphere.

  • Bromine

This is an emulsifier and for a long time was found in certain canned drinks such as Mountain Dew. It is also commonly found in fire extinguishers

  • Platinum

This is often found in catalytic converters. They are often cut out of and removed from cars due to their high value.

I hope this helps.

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